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Hygino name means healthy Uncategorized 

Hygino name means healthy

Hygino name means healthy Local Origin of Name: Latin From the name Hygino, Varant name of Hyginus Hygino is First and Last name Meaning: Healthy. Emotional Spectrum • Not easily pushed, he does have his limits. Personal Integrity • He will fight for his good name. Personality • He is one of those quiet people who’s talking all the time. Relationships • Some of Hygino’s friends are just like him. Travel & Leisure • Knows how to relax in style! Career & Money • An extra measure of study will…

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Heilwig name means healthy Uncategorized 

Heilwig name means healthy

Heilwig name means healthy Local Origin of Name: German From the name Heilwig Meaning: Healthy or Whole Emotional Spectrum • Her eyes betray her soul. Personal Integrity • She would never betray a friend. Personality • To the young at heart, everything’s fun. Relationships • The life of the party, Heilwig feels comfortable in the spotlight. Travel & Leisure • A lifetime of travel is her destiny. Career & Money • The right job for her is within her grasp. Life’s Opportunities • Joy and happiness await this blessed person….

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Walentyna name means healthy Uncategorized 

Walentyna name means healthy

Walentyna name means healthy Local Origin of Name: Polish From the name Walentyna, Variant name of Walenty Meaning: Healthy or Strong Emotional Spectrum • Not known to express her emotions openly. Personal Integrity • Her honor is her best attribute. Personality • Modern Maverick. Relationships • Not many people are as giving as Walentyna. Travel & Leisure • The intrigue of foreign travel lures her. Career & Money • A career in television would suit Walentyna. Life’s Opportunities • Destined for greatness, nothing can hold back this gifted person. ”…

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