Mei Ling means beautiful and delicate Uncategorized 

Mei Ling means beautiful and delicate

Mei Ling means beautiful and delicate  Local Origin of Name:  Chinese From the name Mei Ling Variant name of  Meiling, Mei-Ling        Meaning:   Beautiful  and Delicate   Emotional Spectrum . Even tempered, most of the time! Personal Integrity  . An honest person, people search out Mei ling for advice. Personality . This eager beaver would  make a fine leader. Relationships . People like Mei ling because of her personality. Travel & Leisure . Relaxing is an art-form to her. Career & Money . Adept in financial matters. Life’s…

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Hagai name means Festive Uncategorized 

Hagai name means Festive

Hagai name means Festive Local Origin of Name: English From the name Hagai, Variant name of Haggai Meaning: Festive Emotional Spectrum • You can’t keep him down for long! Personal Integrity • Fidelity is Hagai’s middle name. Personality • Zesty!! Relationships • His best friends take him as he is. Travel & Leisure • Although he enjoys his home, far-away lands hold interest. Career & Money • Money spent on school will be well spent. Life’s Opportunities • While not seeking fame, his future is in the limelight. Hagai’s Lucky…

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Hagir name means Stone Uncategorized 

Hagir name means Stone

Hagir name means Stone Local Origin of Name: Arabic From the name Hagir, Variant name of Hajar Hagir is male and female name Meaning: Stone Emotional Spectrum • A storm of emotions in a calm exterior. Personal Integrity • His reputation for truth is well-known. Personality • Surprises won’t throw him for a loop. Relationships • Probably gives more in a relationship than he receives. Travel & Leisure • Can be packed and ready on a moment’s notice! Career & Money • A career in entertainment would suit Hagir. Life’s…

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Hagop name means supplanter Uncategorized 

Hagop name means supplanter

Hagop name means supplanter Local Origin of Name: Latin From the name Hagop, Variant name of Jacob Meaning: Supplanter Emotional Spectrum • It’s more fun to be happy than sad is his credo. Personal Integrity • No one would doubt his word. Personality • When others lose their head, Hagop stays cool. Relationships • Long term friendships come easily to Hagop. Travel & Leisure • A fondness for the ocean will emerge. Career & Money • While no one can buy happiness, his hard work will pay off! Life’s Opportunities…

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Haider name means lion Uncategorized 

Haider name means lion

Haider name means lion Local Origin of Name: Arabic From the name Haider, Vairant name of Haidar Meaning: Lion Emotional Spectrum • A lot of positive energy that needs to be channeled. Personal Integrity • The makeup of him is moral greatness! Personality • Full of life and lively fun, a friend and pal to everyone. Relationships • Not many people are as open as Haider. Travel & Leisure • Always on the go, Haider takes life in the fast lane. Career & Money • Many career moves advance him…

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Haim name means Life Uncategorized 

Haim name means Life

Haim name means Life Local Origin of Name: Hebrew, Variant name of Chayim From the name Haim Meaning: Life Emotional Spectrum • Doesn’t hide emotions well. Personal Integrity • A trusted individual by everyone. Personality • His outgoing personality wins Haim’s adversaries. Relationships • His friends will stand with him through thick and thin. Travel & Leisure • Adventuresome in spirit, always on the move. Career & Money • Self-taught skills will help Haim. Life’s Opportunities • An abundant and happy life blesses this gifted person. Haim’s Lucky Numbers: 5…

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Hainrich name means prosperity Uncategorized 

Hainrich name means prosperity

Hainrich name means prosperity Local Origin of Name: German From the name Hainrich, Variant name of Hajnrich, Haimirich, Hainrich is First and Last name Meaning: Prosperity Emotional Spectrum • Sadness is soon overcome by joy with Hainrich. Personal Integrity • His honor is his best attribute. Personality • Laugh and the world laughs with you. Relationships • A few close friends are all he needs. Travel & Leisure • Can be packed and ready on a moment’s notice! Career & Money • With the right help, he will choose the…

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Gwynfor name means very fair one Uncategorized 

Gwynfor name means very fair one

Gwynfor name means very fair one Local Origin of Name: Welsh From the Welsh name Gwynfor Meaning: Very Fair or Very Holy Emotional Spectrum • He is a fountain of joy for all. Personal Integrity • Nothing can buy his good name. Personality • A friendly person by nature, Gwynfor has few enemies. Relationships • People who know Gwynfor want to be his friend. Travel & Leisure • His job supports his hobby! Career & Money • He has a natural business sense, and will go far. Life’s Opportunities •…

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Gwythyr name means conqueror Uncategorized 

Gwythyr name means conqueror

Gwythyr name means conqueror Local Origin of Name: Welsh From the name Gwythyr,Gwyther Variant name of Victor Gwythyr is First and Last name Meaning: Conqueror, Triumphant Emotional Spectrum • Beneath the calm exterior… Personal Integrity • No one is more worthy of trust. Personality • Deeply religious, Gwythyr’s faith will be his cornerstone. Relationships • A people person, he does not like to be alone. Travel & Leisure • A person well-suited to new lands and new faces. Career & Money • His ability to handle money is well-known! Life’s…

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Gyles name means Goatskin Uncategorized 

Gyles name means Goatskin

Gyles name means Goatskin Local Origin of Name: English, Gaelic From the name of : Gyles Gyles is First and Last name Gyles is Unisex name Meaning: Goatskin or Kid. Emotional Spectrum • He bounces back from his adversity. Personal Integrity • A solid family background keeps him on solid moral ground. Personality • Quiet until you know him. Relationships • The romance department is key to his happiness. Travel & Leisure • His job supports his hobby! Career & Money • Must curb impulse to play instead of study….

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